Bonafide Issue 06 - Villains Special

  • Label: No Label
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Format: Magazines
  • Catalogue number: bonafide6

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Villain: ‘A dramatic or fictional character who is typically at odds with the hero’, and it was this lateral definition that caught our attention when thinking up a theme for the issue, not necessarily the ‘bad guy’ but a glorious anti-hero if you will.

Outsider status, nonconformist ideals, little respect for the status quo and maybe just a little bit crazy: these themes are at the very heart of the modern day anti-hero, and issue 06 is packed full of them.

Bonafide interviewed the super villain himself, and DOOM doesn’t disappoint, proving to be as abstract, candid and interesting in conversation as he is in his music. Complementing that is their feature on 10 years of Lex Records, the London based label has a roguish regard for ‘music biz’ convention releasing IDM to conceptual pop and straight out banging rap music with the greatest of authority.

Other characters who make an appearance include electronic music pioneer Juan Atkins, Cali-weed enthusiast and dubstep rebel Rusko, and funk archivist Egon on the sounds of war as presented in the East of Underground: the Hell Below compilation.

On the visual side they get ill at the temple of Sickboy, skewer street art with Skewville and get schooled in 3D graffiti by writing legend Daim.


Bonafide Issue 06 - Villains Special