Keep God on your Side Reissue

Heem The Music Monsters

  • Label: Super Disco Edits
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Boogie, Disco, Jazz Funk, Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul Funk
  • Format: 12 inch
  • Catalogue number: SDE33

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Coming out of Philadelphia Heem the Music Monsters were produced and handle by long time Philly producer and writer Hubert willis. The group had small success circa 1976 with their psych funk 45 "Wake up people"/Piece of the rock" and they recorded a few more tracks from those sessions and what lay on the reels for all these years is probably their best yet... it's just right for now. "Keep god on your side" is modern soul disco of the highest order, over 5 mins long it leads you onto the dancefloor and never lets go! Flip it over and you have one hell of a funk disco instrumental entitled "Going down (incognito)". 

Keep God on your Side



Side 1
"Keep God On Your Side" (5:51)
Side 2
"Going Down (Incognito)" (6:36)