It's Up To You (How Far You Go) Reissue

Light Years

  • Label: Al & the Kidd
  • Origin: United States
  • Genres: Beats, Beats Dancefloor, Funk, Jazz Funk, Rare Grooves, Soul, Soul Funk
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Catalogue number: AK1212

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In 1978 D.C. based funk from Light Years recorded at DB Studios and issued for the first time from as with previous sessions featuring Carl Maxx Kidd, Ernest Smith, Skip Pitts on vocals, Charles Steptoe on drums and others. Light Years performed around DC during the summer of 1978 and featured lineups differed between live performances and studio recordings. AK1212 features  Kidd, on lead vocals on the self-penned “Do It To The Maxx (Kidd), and It’s Up To You.  

It's Up To You (How Far You Go)



Side 1
1. "It's Up To You (How Far You Go)" (4:13)
Side 2
1. "Do It To The Max" (4:39)