Walking On The Moon (Men Are Starving) Reissue

Rev Jamel and Bob Johnson

  • Label: Funk 45
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Funk, Soul Funk
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Catalogue number: 019

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As much as we’d like to tell you a fascinating tale about the history of the dear Reverend and his colleague Bob, unfortunately, this record is so rare and these artists are so obscure that it was impossible to track down any actual background information on their whereabouts past, present and future. As far as we know, there is only one known copy of this 45 in existence and from that copy, all we’ve been able to gather is that it came out on the J. & S. NY based label, catalogue # 871910. Even Buddy Resnik, the owner of the original studio mastertape, couldn’t offer up any additional information. Indeed, this is one deep funk mystery yet to be solved but in the meantime, we simply could not resist sharing this ridiculously funky record with the funk-o-philes around the globe. This record is literally, out of this world!

“Walking On The Moon (Men Are Starving)” begins with a rough and rugged riff being strummed out on a jangley guitar, followed by a completely wacked out sax solo, spiced up with a syrupy thick bass line. Basically, as soon as the groove comes together, you cannot resist nodding your head along in soulful agreement. Before you know it, Rev Jamel & Bob Johnson are having a comedic talk over about the utter ludicrousness of space research; people spending $20 billion, walking on the moon picking up 168lbs of space rock!! As the conversation fades out, some lazy horns float in while the rhythm keeps rambling away. Joined by some groovy female back up singers, Jammy and Bob begin singing the instructions on how to do the moonwalk, “Left leg forward, while you’re shaking your hips, and you follow with your right, be careful not to slip, walking on the moon”. The song ends with a politically aware talk over shouting at the government to spend their 20 billion bucks feeding starving, hungry Americans instead of blowing it taking leisurely walks on the moon. As a lesson in geography, they call for help in 17 different states, naming off each one (repeating only Michigan) and even making shout outs to the likes of Bed-Sty, Watts and Harlem.

The flipside “Did You See Those Men”, begins with a 30 second countdown reminiscent of what you would expect to hear on a ghetto sci-fi tv show of the 60’s. Before you can figure out what the heck a “spidal guidance alignment” is and Apollo 14 has successfully lifted off, the drums quickly roll in, followed by a catchy melody practically analogous to the A-side. However, at first it seems that Rev Jamel and Bob must’ve stepped out, only to be conveniently replaced by some fine soul sisters to control the mic along with the help of a fluttery flute solo. At this point, the girls are wailing about the astronauts prancing, dancing, doing a lunar walk and talking a lunar talk. This side has a much more soulful feel what with the mention of the sea of tranquillity and God creating man and the moon. And just like any good reverend, Jamel comes in at the end to reinforce the importance of man figuring out how to be a brother before blasting off into outerspace. Nuff said!

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Walking On The Moon (Men Are Starving)



Walking On The Moon b/w Did You See Those Men