Lead The Way


  • Label: Schema
  • Origin: Europe
  • Genres: Brazilian, Jazz Fusion, Modern Jazz, Nu Jazz, Soul Jazz
  • Format: 2 x LP
  • Catalogue number: SCLP404

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During three long years Soulstance have gathered a lot of material to focus on and developed new compositions that express different angles of the same perspective towards what is today generally referred as 'nu-jazz'. Some moments are spiritual and modal; others are emotional in dreamy atmospheres. The musicians dialogue between latin jazz harmonies and dance-floor percussive grooves. In a great crescendo the listeners are engaged in the great parade of sounds presented by Soulstance with skilful care and great artistic sensitivity.

Lead The Way



Side 1
1. "Antigua"
2. "Toka A Bola"
Side 2
1. "Summer Midnight"
2. "Make A Wish"
Side 3
1. "Special One"
2. "Moon Vision"
3. "Eclipse"
4. "Lead The Way"
Side 4
1. "Cool Plan"
2. "Crossroads"
3. "Still In A Dream"
4. "Natural Form"