When A Little Love Began To Die Reissue

Friends Of Distinction

  • Label: Expansion
  • Origin: United Kingdom
  • Genres: Beats Dancefloor, Disco, Modern Soul, Rare Grooves, Soul
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Catalogue number: EX7019

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The Friends Of Distinction started life out of the demise of Ray Charles' backing band The Hi-Fis, with founder members Harry Elston and Floyd Butler adding two female singers and embarking on a new creative journey from 1969-1973. Both these tracks come from LPs released by Expansion on CD for the first time. “When A Little Love Began To Die” has never previously been released as a 7” single and is a sought after gem long awaited in this format. “Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I Got)” is a highly regarded version of a song established by The Four Tops.

When A Little Love Began To Die



  1. When A Little Love Began To Die

  2. Ain't No Woman (Like The One I've Got)