Yellow Inner Sleeves x10

  • Origin: United States
  • Format: 7" Inner Sleeves
  • Catalogue number: SLVYLW
  • Quantity: 10

Availability: In stock


These are high grade 7" paper sleeves in yellow - you can't get these in the UK, they're specially imported from the USA and the best you can get!

Now why have colour sleeves? Simple - you're out DJing, you need a instro track... so either you search forever through ALL your records - or just the instro tracks that you have filed in yellow sleeves! Or you can file your 45s in coloured sleeves by BPM, or music style, or whatever you like.

They look so much better, and easier to see in the dark DJ booth too! All sold in packs of 10.

Yellow Inner Sleeves x10