Baluba Shake


Baluba Shake

  • Label: Ace
  • Catalogue number: NW5
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Mod, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul Funk, World
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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  1. Brunetta - Baluba Shake
  2. Rita Pavone - Il Geghege

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Connoisseurs of 1960s she-pop have been very well served by Ace Records, particularly those with a predilection for American and British artists. But good music, of course, is not exclusive to the English-speaking world, as those familiar with their recent collections devoted to the female vocalists of Italy will be aware (not to mention similar projects focusing on Japan, France, Sweden, Hungary and Spain). In a country known for its song festivals, most notably the prestigious event held annually in Sanremo, highly orchestrated ballads have always been especially popular in Italy.