Crawdad Farmers


  • Label: Lakeside
  • Catalogue number: TR1024
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Beats, Funk
  • Origin: Europe

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  1. Redbeard
  2. Jesse's Party

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Really gutsy authentic funk from Lucky Brown (under his Crawdad Farmers pseudonym) featuring some impressive pipe-work on the sax, which hoots, screeches and wails its way into a locked groove with deliriously soulful abandon. Moreover, this recording is nice and loud, and SERIOUSLY deep! Like so many of his great funk forebears, Brown captures the spontaneous essence of a live performance, whilst maintaining the sort of tight instrumentation you would expect from a studio recording. The flipside boasts an equally impressive offering – upping the tempo a few notches and throwing some decidedly wild percussion into the mix. This stuff is so frantic that you have to wonder if the players aren’t in hospital somewhere collectively suffering from repetitive strain injury...