Adult Themes

El Michels Affair

Adult Themes

  • Label: Big Crown
  • Catalogue number: BCR090LP
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Beats Downtempo, Downtempo, Exotica, Funk, Instrumental, Jazz Funk, Nu Jazz, Soul Jazz
  • Origin: United States



  1. Enfant
  2. Adult Theme No 1
  3. Kill The Lights
  4. Villa
  5. Adult Theme No 2
  6. Life Of Pablo
  7. Adult Theme No 3
  8. Rubix
  9. A Swift Nap
  10. Hipps
  11. Munecas
  12. Adult Theme No 4

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Interestingly, the roots of the latest El Michels Affair lie in a 2017 collection of cinematic soul interludes he created as a kind of showreel-for-sampling. As that was a successful exercise - some of the minute-long tracks became the basis of songs Beyonce & Jay-Z and Travis Scott, amongst others - Michels decided to gather together his band-mates and create an imaginary 1960s movie soundtrack along the same lines, or as he puts it, "a kind of musical Choose Your Own Adventure". Combining loose, languid and lazy soul grooves with atmospheric orchestration, eyes-closed female vocals, jazz style arrangements and quirky instrumental choices, 'Adult Themes' is a hugely evocative, atmospheric and entertaining affair that contains numerous subtle nods to Harold Budd, David Axelrod and Francous de Robaix.

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