Se Acabo

Jason Joshua

Se Acabo

  • Label: Penrose
  • Catalogue number: PRS1009
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul Funk, Sweet Soul
  • Origin: United States



Side A

Jason Joshua - "Se Acabo" (4:14)

Side B

The Penrose Scholars - "La Mariposa" (4:14)

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The Miami Maestro is back with a superb slice of moody, mid-tempo Latin Soul. Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing one of Jason's passionate live performances can attest that he exudes raw energy and emotion on a level seldom seen on today's soul scene - attributes that Jason delftly applies to the pen. Drawing from personal experience, “Se Acabo´” is a bilingual lament about the challenges of navigating mental illness within the context of a romantic relationship. Jason pleads "Her heart was a butterfly flying through the winds of the hurricane of her mind" as he comes to grips with the fact that in spite of his undying love she may never return. Accompanied by a grooving, unrelenting beat, he distills the pain down to an elixir of high-proof soul sure to requite the lovelorn among us. Yet another Penrose playbox essential by one of the hardest working players in the game.

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