Morgus & the Daringers


  • Label: Fulton
  • Catalogue number: FULTON2458
  • Format: 7 inch
  • Genres: 60's Garage, Jukebox RnB, Jump Blues, Popcorn
  • Origin: United States

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  1. Morgus With The Daringers - Werewolf
  2. Daringers - The Morgus Creep

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‘Werewolf’ is a novelty horror single by Morgus with the Daringers, released in 1964 by Fulton Records of Detroit, Michigan. It tells the story of a werewolf who ‘passes as a beatnik’ and attends a poetry reading at The House of the Seven candles coffee spot, where he bites a Beat and then proceeds to wow the crowd with his poetry (‘Scoobie Oobie Doobie’ is his opening line).

The single was part of the novelty horror record boom of the period, inspired by  the monster craze in America during the early 1960s, when old horror movies turned up on TV and inspired a new generation of fans. It’s also a satire of the Beat movement (with the suggestion that Beatniks are so unkempt that they look like the Wolfman). Little is known about Morgus with The Daringers, who would seem to be one of many bands of the era who only managed a single recording before vanishing back into obscurity.