So Very Hard to Make it

Paul Burton

So Very Hard to Make it

  • Label: Jazzman
  • Catalogue number: JMANLP013
  • Format: 12 inch
  • Genres: Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Rare Grooves, Soul, Soul Funk
  • Origin: United Kingdom

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  • So Very Hard to Make it
  • Instrumental

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There’s something about the guitar line that introduces this record, not just the notes but the way it’s played, and it tells you you’re about to hear something special. Way before the song has even begun, it’s subtle, undefinable qualities like this that separate good music from bad, and which also separate merely good music from that which is excellent. Indeed, we’d like to think that this is a truly magnificent piece of deep soul.<br>

Like many of the better soul recordings, this song had much planning, thought and emotion put into it from the very start. It also came from humble beginnings, and the original recording from 1974 on the Music-Go-Round label out of North Carolina remains obscure. It was a welcome recording for singer Paul Burton, who had spent much of his time fronting a commercial frat band. Leaving them for the Soul Aces, Burton collaborated with songwriter Willie Randolph and band leader Danny Spencer, and together they came up with this gem of a tune. The result was a moving and soulful masterpiece, coupling a sober and heartbreaking tone with a funky, syncopated underbelly that gives it a unique flavour. Have a listen, you’ll find it ‘so very hard not to like it’.<br>
From the Jazzman album 'Carolina Funk', this superb 12" has the vocal on one side, the instro on the flip.