Africa Airways Six: Mile High African Funk 1974-1981


Africa Airways Six: Mile High African Funk 1974-1981

  • Label: Africa Seven
  • Catalogue number: ASVN060
  • Format: LP
  • Genres: Afro, Afro Disco, Afro Funk, Boogie, Disco, Funk, Soul Funk
  • Origin: Europe



  1. Eko - Ndolo Embe Mulema
  2. JM Tim & Foty - More & More (Ye Male)
  3. Ngalle Jojo - Ngigna Loko
  4. Jude Bondeze - Ndomo
  5. Vicky Edimo - You
  6. JK Mandengue - Kosa Mbe
  7. Akwassa - Be Yourself (& Don't Let Nobody)
  8. Mike Kounou - My Native Land
  9. Airto Fogo - Black Soul
  10. Francois Misse Ngoh - Njonjo Mukambe

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Once more we're ready to take flight on Africa Airways, for this sixth journey we're taking you above 5280 feet and laying on the funk.

The flight opens with the punchy horns, afro rhythms & groovy bass of Eko Roosevelt's 'Ndolo Embe Mulema'. Keeping the tempo high we usher in fellow Cameroonians JM Tim & Foty for another punch of brass with the funky "More And More (Ye-Male)". We stay in Cameroon with Ngalle Jojo, here he lays down another funktastic bass heavy stomper with 'Ngigna Loko'. Jude Bondeze hails from Bangui, Central African Republic and is probably best known for his more traditional Tene Sango album... but his debut 1981 release saw him in a very funky mood indeed! Next up, Nigerian Vicky Edimo gets his thumb out and lays down some glorious slabs of deep funk... along with a rather splendid bass solo! JK Mandengue played bass off & on for the British Afrobeat band 'Osibisa', playing on the uber funky 'Super Fly TNT' Motion Picture Soundtrack album. Certainly putting him on a path to the Wahahwah'tastic 'Kosa Mba' taken from his 1979 self-titled album. Slow percussive classic raw street funk from Nigeria's Akwassa, who's line up is the same as 'Heads Funk Band', are up next. Another outing for Vicky Edimo on this 1978 beauty from Mike Kounou. Also on guitar duties for Mike Kounou is Francois Amadou Corea, who's funky chops can be heard on 'Ngigna Loko' & 'Njonjo Mukambe'. Hi-Octane funk from Airto Fogo, percussion, rhodes & horns aplenty on this 1974 instrumental cut 'Black Soul'. As we prepare to start our decent Francois Misse Ngoh drops in some filth with this 1980 bass face monster 'Njonjo Mukambe'... head nodding isn't essential, but it's best to brace yourself for impact.