Gut Funky: The Best Of CRS Records


Gut Funky: The Best Of CRS Records

  • Label: Tramp
  • Catalogue number: TRLP9086BONUS
  • Format: LP + 7 inch
  • Genres: Funk, Mod, Modern Soul, Northern Soul, Soul, Soul Funk, Sweet Soul
  • Origin: Europe

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  1. George Johnson Jr - 'That's The Kind Of Man I Am' (feat The Mondells)
  2. George Johnson Jr - 'Just Because You're You' (feat The Mondells)
  3. Bonnie Blanchard - 'You're The Only One' (feat Andy Aaron & The Mean Machine)
  4. Bonnie Blanchard - 'A Real Good Lovin' Man' (part 1)
  5. The Zodiacs - 'Hey Rugh Nut'
  6. Caprells - 'Every Day People'
  7. The Zodiacs - 'Don't Change On Me'
  8. Mitzi Ross - 'Man Hunt'
  9. Midnight Madness - 'Gut Funky'
  10. Midnight Madness - 'Feelings'
  11. The Butlers - 'Thinking Of You'
  12. Carl Sherlock Holmes - 'Think It Over'
  13. Bonnie Blanchard/Andy Aaron/The Mean Machine - 'You're The Only One'
  14. Andy Aaron/The Mean Machine - 'Right On Time'

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Not much is known about Philadelphia record producer / label owner Curtis R. Staten who sporadically operated the C.R.S. record label during the late 1960s throughout the early 1980s. During that time, C.R.S. released at least 15 singles and 2 albums of some of the finest R&B, funk, gospel recordings from the Philadephia area.

Fans of Northern Soul and Deepfunk will be pleased to see (and hear!) some very rare AND amazing songs by such artists as George Johnson Jr. & The Mondells, Bonnie Blanchard, Andy Aaron & The Mean Machine, The Zodiacs, Midnight Madness, Carl 'Sherlock' Holmes, and many more.